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True stories of courage


In Memorium for Lou Hertz
Friend of many and poetry editor

A dear friend of mine, Lou Hertz, passed away Nov. 23, 2004..I wish here to dedicate some words in his honor. He was listed in The Poets Market Book as one of the editors a person could submit poetry to, the name of his poetry magazine is NANNY FANNY. He was an outstanding editor, fantastic with words and understanding the way people wrote.I felt honored to know he at times asked what I thought of a poem before he made a final decision whether to publish it or not.

In Sep.2004 I met Lou in person, he had come to the West Coast to meet with some of his poetry and editor friends. Some showed him around California, and I showed him around the Oregon Coastline. He was very good at communication with people, knew words so well.

He had hip replacement surgery, when evidently his vital signs became weak and his body broke down and he passed away. Many many people not only on the internet but in reality knew Lou and respected him greatly. He had many friends and co-workers. He will be greatly missed. It seems impossible that he is gone. He was only 54 years old. He had so much to give. So I wrote a short poem in his honor. There will also be a poetry memorial magazine for us to remember him by, coming up.

I ask everyone who knew him to remember him fondly.And not forget his wonderful words..I will also put some of his poetry here. Thank you for stopping in.....Verena(Bloozey)

Life Force

dedicated to Lou Hertz

life, existence, vital force

we breathe, we exist

we laugh, we love, we live

we come into the world

with a cry and we are loved

we bring joy and pride

we learn and become strong

we do all things because

we are loved

it is the love we thrive on

we cry at times of pain

and at times of happiness

we even shed tears

at moments of ecstasy

but we have a life force

then why is it some have to

give up their precious life

much too soon

why do they suddenly die

life is exhilerating

and death is the finality

of our existence

my dear friend is gone now

suddenly unexpectantly

I want to call out to him

"where did you go?"

"it's not time to leave yet"

"where are you my friend?"

you were just here!

now why did you go away?

I miss you! miss our talks!

the long conversations

"are you really gone?!"

I wish you were still here!


28 November 2004


dedicated to Lou, a

dear friend and editor

gone but never forgotten...

(23 Nov. 2004)

About this site~~Within our lives we go through many obstacle courses. Each one being a challenge and a choice. It's up to each of us to decide what to do. Then we will either feel good or bad, but always it's up to us..we are the one to face in the mirror of life. We are handed the tools that teach us what to do, then it is up to us as to how to use them. Some things are not in our control...illness, death etc..and all we can do is use our "god-given tools."

A good friend of mine named Eugene, wrote this account of "his friend" and has allowed me to post it here so that others may be able to relate to it and maybe it would help them in some small way to cope with their own "friend". It is a true story filled with love, pain and hope. Please read the other true stories as well. Below you find a poem I've written dedicated to Gene..thank you for stopping in...



Give me freedom, unshackle me
Let me stand on my own two feet
Let me be myself, live and let live
I am unfettered and unchained
I am free, as well as unvanquished
I am unhindered, uncontrolled
carefree and spontaneous!!

by Verena





~~~Abandoned Friend~~~
A few short months ago I made a decision. Not easy, not
taken lightly, not without remorse, nor without pain. But a
decision that had to be made. A decision to abandon a friend,
one who had been part of my life for oh so many years.
I was introduced to this friend somewhere around my twelfth
year and it was an immediate and wonderful interaction. We
shared laughs, were pranksters and made asses of ourselves
together, and with this friend I thought I was just too cool.
As time went by we celebrated victories in sports, made
plans for the future and struggled through my teens,
together, side by side. We had fun, took risks and at times
took comfort each in the other.....I got courage when I had
none, confidence when I needed it, and comfort in my pain.
Time passed, again he was there, not always but when
wanted and celebrate my marriage, to help
mourn my losses, to share in the glory and joy of being both
husband and new father. To be part of my growing circle of
friends and associates. We still shared joy in sports, branding
cattle, social events and were just together, sharing both
great and bad times.
Life marched on,and  now my long time friend  became a
greater part of my life, but now more demanding of me,
cajoling me away from  my family and work, and I went
willingly, with the thoughts and promise of fun, enjoyment
and comfort. I was led me to new friends, good and bad, new
places, my values became challenged becoming a daily part of
my life, and I  went. I did so feel that I needed him.  More
and more, I felt the need to be with this friend. He was so
much more fun, I thought, and so much more comfort than
my life of work, commitment and family. And again, the urge
to be with this close friend....his comfort, his hopes and
dreams, and  I followed , then led, it didn't seem to matter as
long as I had him with me.
When challenged, I supported him and made excuses for
him...even lied for him, so that I could keep him as my friend.
When he hurt me, I promised then to see him less, to never
see him, to not allow his influence and hold on me.....and I
broke these promises, time and time again. My loyalty was
immovable, my committment to this part to this part of my
life so strong. I finally quit making these promises, quit
making excuses, quit caring enough about the ones I loved.
He was my friend, I thought, my best friend, and I needed
him so, again for ease the pain, and grief, to
shield me from that which I did not wish to see.
But then one day, I really dont know how or why......I just
knew.....I had to........I needed to........I must not......... see my
friend again.  I pondered and I thought deeply and reflected
on our past together. Many times  smiled, many times I cried,
many times I  felt times I felt alone. But I did
know and I realized....not what he had given me, but what he
had taken from me! Time.......never to be
...........that may never be rekindled...and pride from me, so
difficult to rebuild.
But I did, I did abandon  him....not without feelings of pain or
loss. It is there and always will be. But not without reward. I
have met new friends, great friends, sincere and caring
friends, comforting friends, and have become my master once
more, free from his promises, his comfort, his pain, and his
He is still around, almost everywhere I  go. In restaurants, at
a friends home, in town, at dances......even in  my own home
at times and always beckoning for me to rekindle what we
had, our life together, our needs and reliant friendship.
But no.....I will not........not because of  him and what he has
done and taken from  me......but  because of me. I must
desert him. I must  banish  him, because it is loved life.....and all
that is left for me to grow to be........for me to truly live.
No, it isnt easy. It never will be. I do so fear
weakness......but abandon him I  must, for you see......... my
friends name...............was booze!


My friend Gene told me that if only one person could benefit from this true story it would be worth having told it.
Many have gotten in contact with me about this story
telling of feeling of their own heart.
If you know a story that would benefit others,
please email me and I would love to
put it here to share with people who
also need hope. Thank you for visiting.


I heard this story on the radio a few months ago
and thought I might share it with you.

No Voice

I've heard a man with no voice
yet I've heard him speak to me with a smile
He's suffered, lied and cried; laughed at
the sunsets gold once more
I hear the gurgling of a brook washing
over the rocks so freely
A newborn baby cries softly then held
so very close by love
Screams for help reach deep while our ears
hurt with sound of fear
A man without a voice hears and tenderly
tells his story alone:...
Of the time when he smoked too many
cigarettes too often
He speaks now with robot sounds
with artificial machines and smiles
He begs people everywhere to recognize
cancer sticks will hurt
He misses whispering gently and misses
cheering at ballgames
Misses singing along with music
and sounding kinda funny
But at least he has a voice now
so he asks everyone to listen hard
He tells the tale of pain and tears
of cigarette smoke filling his lungs
He begs those who will listen "please,
don't do it, don't smoke"......ever
Your insides coated with dirt, your house
coated with smoke always
Don't let yourself be like him, don't allow
a man with no voice to enter
Instead, take each day, live, love and laugh
often with a voice, a voice that sings,
whispers and giggles each day!
I heard a man with no voice
yet I heard him speak in pain
for all of us!!
 Copywrite February 19, 2002



The Alcoholic Unknown
Here and a way under,
the alcoholic unknown.
Unknown to his-self forever,
the alcoholic unknown.
Known to others suspect be,
the alcoholic unknown.
To wander in tormented pleasure be,
the alcoholic unknown.
forever in tormented demons path,
the alcoholic unknown.
Down and around travels,
the alcoholic unknown.
In elusive disharmony be,
the alcoholic unknown.
As punishment the family does deal,
the alcoholic unknown.
For and against all,
the alcoholic unknown.
The children instead, do pain feel,
the alcoholic unknown.
Father, brother, sister or mother,
the alcoholic unknown.


The Stranger ~~~~ There's a stranger in my house// I passed him on the stairs// he didn't look up at me// his eyes an expressionless stare// there's a stranger in my house// he walks alone at night// always checking for someone behind him// but there's o one in sight// In his mind he is searching// for waht..I do not know// I want so much to help him// he may be lost in his sorrow// There's a stranger in my house// his emotions running wild// there's noway to control him// I've known him from a child// he wanders through a hate-filled world// for a place to lay the blame// oblivious to what the drug has done// his life will never be the same// There's a stranger in my house// he even has a key// he comes and goes as he pleases//.... he is my son, you see... ASA...2nd Sept. 2001


If you would like for me to add your "story of truth" here, please send me an email at