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Verenas World

Quiet Times of Meditation

Black and White Impressions





Sea Sounds

Inside the weathered house
a warm glow comes
from softened candle-light
to a lone poet on this night

The wind batters the trees
causing a lonely cry
as though songs of night
with words take flight

Unrolled are the waves
as they crash upon the shore
as the constant ebb and flow
show the sands where they go

Unleashed are sounds of the sea
with noises as though wild horses
run free across the flowing dunes
as purple thundered plumes

Sudden silence brought by the moon
as stars begin their night watch
and the oceans salt-laden air
once again we both shall share

Quietly I close my tired eyes
allowing golden shafts of light
to filter through dusty windowpanes
as lonely sleep touches me again



Vincent VanGogh said this about love: "It is good to love many things, for theirin lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much, and what is done in love is well done!"

Caring about others and nature and the "little things" in life gives us peace...sometimes for a moment, sometimes longer...but we meditate by quieting our thoughts for a bit. By allowing our thinking to ease the rest of our body...please enjoy these writings and visualize the words...and the pictures..and come back soon..thank you so much for visiting a little part of "my world."


Teach me Colors

Take my hand, teach me
colors of our earth
Let me feel the crimson rose
of your flame-colored heart
My eyes flicker with
glowing lapiz lazuli blue
Caress my mind with
the brilliance of cinnebar
and deepest royal purple
Help me feel the depth
of cobalt seas touched
by waves of oyster white
Take me to ebony night skies
that glow with beams
of delicate sapphire stars
A milky winter moon
shines upon pathways
directing our steps to
paris green forest floors
as earthy scents permeate
chambers of our hearts
Take my hand, lead me
to days of summer sun
where marigold yellow
brings laughter and dance
into newest fantasies
surrounding us with ribbons
of flamboyant chameleon hues
bringing mirrors of colors
reflected in prisms of love

by Verena
March 7, 2000



He put moonlight in a bottle
he then walked up to my door
and told me
it was a gift that would
always make me smile
would give to me
the glow of life
and remind me of him
and the love he held within
to be shared only with me
he then gave me another gift
a tiny blue jar
filled with seeds of stars
to capture my heart
with their silvery light
I felt the song of this night
wrap my heart with laughter
caress it with passion
as only his love could give
in my hand I held
the moonlight and the stars
and my heart belonged to him

by Verena
July 9, 2003


Morning Webs

Silver threads, woven from branches
upon days of twinkling calico
they flitter in morning sunlight
silver-laden yellow roses
painted with dewdrops
glittering like evening stars
on a cobwebbed day
chilled breezes begin their trek
a wary race, turning leaves
into fiery red and orange
flaunting their brilliance
with painted colours on pathways
quiet with gilded caravans
of never-ending Autumn days
threads of fine woven colours
wrapped upon end-of-summer trees
awaiting to catch the thistledown
to decorate with finery each web
with melodies of Fall
fine woven threads
wrapped upon trees
awaiting thistledown
to decorate each web
with songs of Fall in a hurried world
this tender web has now been spun

by Verena
©September 24, 2003


Is it You?

Is it you
that gave me
the sunrise?
that brought
spring rains?
is it you that
gives me paradise?
laughter after tears
smiles after pain
and laughter
after tears
your words
surround me
I hear you
you are with me
all moments
of all my thoughts

June 26, 2003


Pages Unfurl

I find you walking the pages in my book
you have shared yesterdays with me
given me tomorrows to long for

Pages have become saturated with memories
as I write your words into my poetry

I have felt us soar like eagles in the sky
have felt your magnificience and power
as your love arouses my very soul

You have filled pages upon pages with you
touched my world with love-filled hands

You have taught me the colors of the earth
shared with me the mornings golden dawn
watched sunsets of scarlet and apricot

We walked thru the corridors of time
where we felt days and nights merge as one

We have watched the seeds of stars arrive
causing prisms of colors carried by the breeze
stretching them into today rainbow

You have touched pages of my book
written with your own poets pen

Butterflies spread their wings of color
having been dipped into brilliance
shimmering into a delicate kaleidoscope

You strolled upon the pages of my book
with your dauntless smile of courage

We have strolled together thru seasons
into sunsets of saffron and ruby red
then awakened at the days amber dawn

Our words have whispered across time
taken flight across the waves of today

Inspirations of every kind held us
taught us to live the fires of passion
devouring each others hearts and souls

Now let us end the book with new songs
written with melodies of total whimsy

Let us capture the rhythm of our thunder
as we write verses of neverending ecstasy
bringing us again to the pages of this book

by Verena
April 27, 2001



Tonight I will sleep
in the warmth of your love
we will be lulled
by sounds of raindrops
on weathered windowpanes
on shadowed rooftops
the rain then plays
its tender symphony
while your voice whispers
soft love sounds
stroked by soft touches
softly we sigh goodnight

by verena
3 February 2005


Life has become very dear to me,
and I am very glad that I love.
My life and my love are one.
Vincent VanGogh


Deep silence in the shadowy land
Deep silence where the shadows cease....
Oscar Wilde


Near You

I write love poems
while I wait for you
to wake up
I am near you
at all times
every moment
of every day
walk with me
and be my life
hold with me
when stars shine
share my dreams
share my fantasies
when I am with you
life is new again
let us discover

6 december 2004


desire, tenderness, yearning, devotion
this is the way of love
intrigue, romance, adoration, pleasure
feelings of sweetness
lover, honey, sweetheart, darling
names so pure
Don Juan, Casanova, Romeo
men of proven love
to become enamored or be in love with
to be filled with desire and cherish
my heart is yours, I am sweet on you
I have loved your distractions
have loved your tender words
you are so beautiful with me

october 10, 2004


like thunder the pain
pelts against me
unrelentless it attacks me
overpowers me
like great waves smashing
against my every breath
insisting on my screams
even tho I try to stifle them
each blow causes
yet another tear to fall
another scream
to exit my tiring self
the only thing I can do
is write my words
to try and ease my mind
to appease my thoughts
and again the thunder rolls
within me
beating from the inside out
echoing from one place
bouncing off the next
again like giant waves
slapping against
weather beaten rocks
ancient stones
smoothing quickly
allowing gradually
the swells of pain
to slow down
until finally
the pills do their work
allowing sleep
for another night

april 5, 2005

Man in Black

softly the snow falls
the city is at peace
as white flakes
seemed to play
upon the air
a few brave peole
venture out
causing imprints
of soundless steps
upon empty
there is a hush
bringing touches
of comfort
a figure appears
of a man in black
dressed in ebony
his coat warm
his smile enjoying
the brisk walk
he laughs out loud
with pure joy
his scarf snugly
tied around his neck
he is a silhouette
against the white
gleaming powder
his silent stature
elegant and proud
amongst trees
darkly shimmering
he remembers
her sweet words
spoken earlier
and his face lifts
into the falling snow
his steps quicken
with happiness
his feet dancing
to meet the day

by Verena
16 September 2004