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Once Upon a Breeze

      I sit alone on a weathered grey bench
            Liquid Gold caresses my senses.
      My thoughts tenderly engulf the seas breeze.
            The evening afterglo captures my tears.

      Ebony silhouettes take shape on the horizon.
            Two lovers slowly walk with arms entwined.
      Oblivious to anything except each others thoughts
            and this moments peaceful slivers of time.

      A small childs tiny feet sink into warm sands.
            Man and his dog run swiftly into  cold waters.
      Giant waves flow as if made of liquid silver.
            Ivory clouds hover over lush green forests.

      The end of the day comes all to soon here.
             Silent whispers of Ocean breezes softly
      Beckon my heart to stay, to run, to laugh.
             Reminded I am that I shall return very soon.

      A poet sits alone and watches another sunset.
             I am held captive by this Ocean of icy blue.
      The breezes of another evening touch me gently.
             These moments of pleasure remind me of you.

                  by Verena
                          September 14, 1998